Tuesday, December 7, 2010

please do not open hallmark cards......

Hi,  I try not to be an alarmist, but this one is bugging me!!!  I just got an email from my sister, so it's in Dutch, however, here's the geste of if.....

There's a really nasty virus out there, attached to Hallmark E-Card!  Because of more people sending cards around the holiday, somebody thought it would be fun to attach a virus to e-cards....... SO, DO NOT OPEN ANY HALLMARK CARDS !

The virus was discovered by McAfee, and made  CNN as the most destructive virus yet! There is no remedy for it, and it WILL destroy the core sector of your harddrive!
SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and do not open!

Forward this message to as many people as you possibly can, so the destructions will stay to a minimum...



  1. Thanks for the warning, Pauli!

  2. Thanks for sharing on CDAC and thanks for the tip about opening e-cards.