Thursday, December 16, 2010

I should have been

trying if I could use the vacuum-cleaner, without crying, do dishes, even if it is one cup at a time, maybe even, fold clothes, but............. I didn't.
Honestly, who didn't see that one coming!?!? LOL

I was checking email, and saw that the progressive scrap at Digital Design Resort started yesterday. Tomorrow, we'll be traipsing into Chicago for my passport and some other stuff we need to do at the Embassy, and the deadline for the first step of the scrap is tomorrow midnight, so .... I HAD to do it today.......

I started with the picture. I've been wanting to scrap that puppy for a long time, and this just seemed the right time. I didn't have any word-art to go with it, like the instructions said, so I made my own, by putting a rust style on Baskerville alpha, and using a couple of letters of the cat-silhouette font.... The bad thing is, I like the page just as it is, and don't want to put anything else on it..... and there's 5 steps in the scrap. I'm going to be in SOOOOO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!

Now that I have that out of my system, I'm going to see if I can get interested in those dishes! LOL

Dishes are done, and I checked on "my" sites... Guess what? The voting started for Lay-out of the month at Ivy Scraps. Go take a look, and vote for your favorite. And the new vote for Lay-out of the week is up too...  Couldn't believe my eyes.......

gotta get some sleep, alarm will go off at 2.30  EEK!


  1. oh, I think your page turned out great! Cute photo, and I love all the cats! Looks like you had fun with it! :)

  2. They all look pretty cuddly to me but I´ll go for the one with the cute pointy ears and - probably - blue eyes! Love it, both the cat and the LO...