Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life goes on.....

Well, Christmas is over (Tree is staying for a little bit longer though, don't want to lose that holiday feeling yet) and life goes on. Mike is back to work, after 1 day off. I have 2 doctors appointments and 1 test this week, and than it's 2011 already....... I pretty much lost out on 2009 and 2010.... I'm hoping I'm going to enjoy and remember 2011!

We have things we would like to do next year, wishes for each-other, and a small leftover supply of optimism that we are keeping close to our hearts. We've learned over the last 18 months, that Murphy's Law, is anything but a myth.... Anything that CAN happen, WILL happen.... and we don't want to jinks anything LOL

Did my picks for LayOut of the Week at Ivy.... tough one, and I was sooooo glad we were given extra time this week.... I keep thinking it's Monday, and I about had a heart attack! I thought I had missed it again. Than realized it was Sunday, and went in a panic, because it was after 10! (WAY after 10)   But found out that we had extra time... THANKS DENISE!!!

Just put the finishing touches on the 4th step in the progressive scrap at DigiDesignResort... I'm out of ideas! SO GLAD there's only one step left, and I hope that amounts to nothing more than putting a date in! LOL
Not sure how these work, but I'm quietly thinking that Elaine goes thru the gallery to figure out what the next step should be to keep everybody thinking LOL It's fun though. When I started, I would have liked to leave the page "as is", but now that I added things, it DOES look better..... 

Last step should be done by the 31st, and than I have to get cracking on the next MEGA from IvyScraps.... Haven't heard anything about it yet, so I'll be as surprised as you are!  The December kit was so much fun, I've been trying to take pictures to match the kit, so I can play some more LOL. That was probably not the smartest move I've made in a while, but hey..... Gotta have some fun too.

Made moms potato salad for Christmas.... well, let me rephrase that, I instructed Mike on what to do next. I tried peeling potatoes, and was about one and a half spud into 2 pounds, when my hands were cramping so bad, I couldn't even hold on to the knife, let alone work it without risking serious injury, so after that, My ROCK took over. He's soooooo cool! I didn't even have to ask. He just came in, parked my butt on a chair in the kitchen, and started! We have an agreement. I try, and if I need help, I'll ask. Sofar, it's the "I try" part onlybecause I still have a hard time asking for help. Mike knows when to let me be, and do things at my speed (A snail would beat me, most times) and when I'm so frustrated with myself, that I'm ready to cry. And than he just quietly comes in, and takes over..... Don't know what I would do without him.

Didn't send any cards this year, again..... BUT, atleast I had enough sense to send some thru email.... I KNOW I forgot a bunch of people, and I hope they'll forgive me. I tried over time, to keep reconstructing my email address book, every time my computer blows up, but..... you know how that works, right? LOL 

AND! drumroll please.....

The store at FLIGHTS OF FANCY 
is set-up, and open. The GrandOpening is not there yet, but... go take a look and sign up for the news letter, so you don't miss it! 
(Yours truly puts the NewsLetter together, so I'll let you know when it's available on the site, but... it never hurts to get an advance copy in your email! Am I right?

Gotta run, maybe I'll catch up with you before years end, if not 

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  1. I´ve been comparing them and I like both versions though I have a slight bias towards the first one. There´s so much to see in the second one it takes a while for the eye to reach the photo. But don´t mind me. I´ve gone minimalist...Well, except when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. In that case, more is definitely better!
    Good luck with your tests and have a wonderful carefree 2011.