Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can't stop......

It's like a dam broke. I can't stop scrapping LOL
I look at kits or pictures, or just stuff around the house and all I can think of, is what to do with it on a scrap page..... If I'm not careful, I'm going to have  to take a couple of days to "load up" on pictures, so I can scrap some more.....
(The fact that I can't find my photo-albums or don't have a functioning scanner probably has NOTHING to do with that)
We have a new printer, (one of those all-in-one jobbies, because you can't just get a printer anymore)  it's wifi, there's no software to install, it SHOULD work with our Imac, but it doesn't. It does not register with the computer at all. I sent an email to Epson, asking for downloadable software, or an idea how to make it talk to the computer, and vice versa, and heard.... squat!  I thought I was supposed to be the one to have a language problem, not my computers...... One doesn't want to talk to the keyboard, the other won't talk to the printer and than there's the one that doesn't talk at all (still looking for a power supply for that one)............ party poopers!

BUT, that doesn't stop my ideas, and to demonstrate: here are 2 pages made with StarSongStudio's Rosy Dawn. On the page for Anna, the frame with her name and birthdate is a cluster from the Time Passages cluster set.  (I added the flowers and leaves as well as the branch)

This next one is a rewind of my sisters wedding day page I made a couple of years ago. 
Let me know which one looks better? I'm not sure which one I like more. (I kinda miss the shadows and depth perception on the 1st one, but I also like the simplicity of it)

I would post the new bingo page I made for Ivy, but than I would have to make a third one, and I don't think so! The first one I made from the page of my mom and altered some small things on it, and I completely spaced the fact that it had to be a one of a kind page, not to be used/seen by anybody but the person who wins it...... DUH! The second one I just sent over, and didn't even keep a copy of, just in case I have another brain-bubble and use it. LOL

Got a date with the new cabinet..... talk later!


  1. For someone who sounds so totally disorganised – or maybe it´s just your hardware that´s deranged – you´ve somehow managed to get a lot done recently.
    By the way, and since you asked and for what it´s worth, which isn´t much, I like the first page better but your own perception is more important.
    Isn´t today´s puppy adorable? I wish I could kiss that face. Even Dora would give it a quick lick.

  2. Beautiful layouts! I especially love the first one, so pretty!

    Love the background of your blog ;)