Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was just kinda looking at the Daily puppy, and found this thread on Border Collies. Our Whisper was one. Sadly we only had her a little while, because they didn't give her the medication she needed for her epilepsy while she was in the shelter and the frequent seizures had damaged her heart.

One of the "things" of the Border is that they stare at the animals they have to herd and keep track of. That's why this answer in the thread just had me roaring laughing:

My friends' working BC had an accident a year or so ago and was on house rest while his leg heeled. He got so bored he decide that his job would be to know where the cat was every second of the day. He didn't herd the cat or do anything except stare at it. If you sat in the way he would peer round you or move until he could see the cat again. Thankfully he is now out working sheep again and the cat is relieved.

G'Day! LOL

PS: I'll update you on the weekend after my nap... YUP! I'm still in recovery.


  1. Who knows if your getting this message..
    Heres our email Pauli
    gk533@mediacombb.net Need to talk Kim.
    Estate finalized and need information from Mike.

  2. The poor cat to have been subjected to that. It´s really not good news when a dog stares at you and you must never stare directly at a dog either as it´s a sign of aggression. It´s lucky for the dog that the cat didn´t react to it. In my experience a cat´s equal to any dog when it comes to showing who´s boss. If the cat had blown itself up, fluffed out its fur and given just one hiss, your friend wouldn´t have seen the dog for dust!