Thursday, August 11, 2011


but I can't show it to you just yet LOL

I figured, since I start a new Life Book session, I might as well start a new book, and fill in what I didn't get done for Mikes.... (so.....that would be most of it)
I may have told you I love orange? Well, StarSongStudio has a new kit she let us play with, but it's not out yet, so I can't show you the page yet HOWEVER...... One of the lay-outs is the cover page to my LifeBook. I know, I jumped the gun a little, but I really couldn't help it....

Still don't have the cabinet set up.... Hopefully tomorrow. They switched Mikes day off, so he could go to a hazmat training.... Atleast they didn't make him shave his beard and moustache this time.... When he worked for Donneley in Reno, they made him shave his "stach" because he had to wear one of those funky suites for the class... but only for the class, and because of his favoring facial hair, he couldn't be on the hazmat team anyway, he just needed the training..... It was kinda fun for me though. At that time, I hadn't seen his WHOLE face for about a decade! LOL It didn't last long, but it was nice for about a week :-)

So he'll have tomorrow off, and hopefully we can finish, so I can go thru the boxes. Just not this weekend. HIHI!    I'm going to my sisters on Saturday, stay the night, and come back Sunday night. Not sure at this point, if I'm taking the train both ways, or just going up. Depends on Mikes hours.  That reminds me, I better make sure I have cash to get the ticket.....

This weekend, starting tomorrow morning and ending Monday is the Folkwoods Festival in Eindhoven. I've been told, if you like folk music, or Irish music, it's the place to be. I'll let you know on Tuesday LOL. I may even post pictures, if I don't forget the camera, batteries and an extra memory stick!

The weather is going to be positively rotten, according the the weather service, but hey... they've been wrong before...... A LOT! Let's hope they're wrong this weekend. Nicky sent me pictures a couple of years ago, of people knee deep (I'm NOT kidding!) in mud.... She said it was awesome. Kids were telling me the other day about how they would put socks ON to go to bed, so they would keep the tent halfway decent LOL..... The rest of the time, they were barefoot, with their pants rolled up above the knee, and still couldn't keep the mud off them.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. The whole family, plus friends and connected ones are camping. They're setting up camp tomorrow morning, and break camp Monday after breakfast..... Sounds like SOOOOO much fun! I LOVE camping, but my body doesn't anymore.  I still can't get cold too long, so I'm going home with Nicky at night, and we'll go back in time on sunday morning to hear the Bagpipes over the campground, while we're having breakfast.... It will be fun. On both fronts.... I'll get to witness first hand what the yearly outing is all about, AND I get to spend extra time with my sister in the meantime! How cool is that!?

Well, gott get some stuff done before the weekend, so I'll be off. I may pop in later today (read tonight) if I can't sleep.


  1. How funny about the facial hair and Mike's training! Jeff hasn't had a beard in years, I think since right after Matthew was born... I always liked it when he would grow them and then shave them off... was like having a "new man"! ;) I hope you have fun on your camping trip, and that the weather people are wrong. Enjoy the weekend! :)

  2. HA! My husband would rather have his head, chest and underarm hair shaved off than his moustache!
    Hope you (have) had a great weekend though you´ll have gathered by now that the weather forecast was right for a change. In fact it´s threatening rain as I write.
    Love love love the puppy!!! It´s got to have a boxer somewhere in its family tree.