Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OH heck, why bother......

It is now 3 AM, Wednesday morning. I'm still up, not tired, bored as all get out, so what do you do?
You scrap of course. Alarm goes off in 3 hours, so why bother trying to go to sleep. Maybe I can get a head start on some stuff this way. Tomorrow night, I have a webinar about Legacy Family Tree. It has to do with organizing..... I sure could use some help in that department, and not just for genealogy LOL. This means I won't get a whole lot of sleep than either, so maybe, jsut maybe, I will sleep Thursday night?

Monday we went to Ramstein Air Base for Mikes day off. The trip took a little over 3 hours one way, and was a total bust. We were going to look for a small convection/microwave combi-oven, vacuum cleaner and maybe a crockpot.... but (God only knows why) they only sold 110V. On a continent that runs on 220V..... Go figure!
We thought they would have more variety, since just  the mall is about the size of the whole base here, but.... no dice! Mike was going down the isles pointing at things he stocks in the store, and what do you know.... about 99% they have. As far as we could determine what they had that Schinnen doesn't is: Fiesta ware (4 colors) Le Crueset and dvd's, although the clothes looked like they had a bigger variety, but still no levi's, and this girl doesn't fit in the Dutch cuts! LOL.

The commissary was bigger and had a GREAT fruit and vegetable department, but didn't have any more variety on the other stuff as the one here on base..... Just 5 shelves as opposed to one, per item. Prices are the same, Captain America was GREAT and the road we picked to go home, was equally cool. We found out one thing about our little KA though.... It's a gutless wonder on any type of hill......  We dropped from 120 to 80 over the length of a 5% grade, but the minute she crested....we were back up to 120-ish (aka 140) in no time flat :-)

The road we took back, brought back memories of Nicky and me, on our vacation to get dishes in Metlach. (Story for when I start my LifeBook) And I discovered, that Trier is only 2.3 hours away, and the place I wanted to show Mike most, the  Pruemer Wasserfaelle, and Gondorf animal park, are actually about an hour and a half, so..... I smell a daytrip! Hopefully before winter, but after the leaves start turning...... that would be soooooo cool!

Tonight we were going to put the cabinet up that Nicky and I picked up on Friday, but... Mike was beat. He hasn't slept well. He DOES go to bed, he just doesn't rest. I told him to start scrapping, but he disrespectfully declined because "one nutter in the family was enough"! The nerve of that man! LOL.

So tomorrow, I can do the paperwork, I should have done today, but didn't do because I wanted to get the boxes out of our "work space" to build the cabinet. But for tonight.... I can't sleep, and we got the August Mega from IvyScrap, so I played, hoping for sleep to get here....Tired HAS been here, sleep is on vacation I believe. Oh well.

These are pictures from our trip to Keukenhof. When I saw the background paper in the kit, I could just see the pictures that had to go with it... the trick was the rest of the page. :-)  
I don't think it came out too shaby. I'm quite happy with it, actually.

The picture I used on this page, is one I absolutely, positively love of my mom. The dress she's wearing was very bright, for the era. It had great big yellow sunflowers on a cream background. She had that dress for a long time and somehow she always smiled when she wore it!

Well, something went goofy, and it didn't post when I posted it, so let's try this again :-)

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  1. Too bad you couldn´t find any suitable household stuff. The only things I have from the USA which don´t work here are DVDs but I suppose you´ll have discovered that for yourself.