Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's been almost a week since I visited!

It's been a weird one.
- First, my neighbor gets hauled off in an ambulance at 4 in the morning, with all kinds of noise, and neither Mike or I have noticed anything! I mean, WHEN I sleep, you can't easily wake me up, but Mike usually hears the dog 2 doors up scratch behind his ears! Can't figure out how he wakes up with the slightest sound, and than turns over and goes right back to sleep once he knows what woke him up and there is no threat, and doesn't remember he woke up... But honestly, how can you sleep thru 2 ambulances, people walking back and forth on the landing and pretty much all the neighbors talking in the street?!?!
- Mike hasn't been feeling well. His legs are killing him and usually keep him awake at least part of the night.
- Than, my sister in law leaves a message on my blog, which is good, because we haven't been able to contact her.
- I got a "Patch"-letter from the government, and need to go to IND/legal council to figure it out, which means I need to find all kinds of paperwork within 10 cubic meters of boxes, excludung my handy-dandy, new - and hopefully temporary - filing system, consisting of 3 plastic bags, stuffed on the bottom shelf of the clothes closet
- Perky has been off his wetfeed, and all together not himself, but he's not running a fever, he drinks normally, eats his crunchies with a vengeance and keeps an eye on the neighbors, so the vet sais there's no reason for concern, but when he's "off", I worry.
- And Monday, I'm having my bloodtest and hopefully find out that I won't need surgery again, that my blood is clear, and that I worry too much!!! I am SO hoping that that is the way it goes!!!

tomorrow, or actally in 6 hours, I'm meeting my sister and my niece for a day on the town. There's a hobby shop they keep tellling me about, and an international market, and than there's " my" bookstore..... THREE stories of books! I promised I would only look.....
I'm hoping to find scone mix. For the life of me, I canNOT make them from scratch. They can either double as hockey pucks, they're so dense, or they are as chewy as day old bagels....
I tried dozens of different recipes, mixing methods and baking temperatures between them but the only way we can actually eat them is if I make them from a mix.

And right now, after I post this, I have JUST enough time to make a cup of tea before the heritage chat at IvyScraps starts, at 3 AM my time, OR, I can go to bed, and try and catch about 3.5 hours of sleep before the alarm goes off and catch my train at 9......

Not sure yet what to do. LOL

I also made a couple of pages this week. I'll post the ones from the August Mega now, because it's the "free with purchase" right now.

Ok, 2 things just went wrong....
- Can't upload pictures, because ..... don't know, just isn't working right now
- No heritage chat at Ivy, so....


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  1. No I certainly couldn´t have slept through all that. Without earplugs I could hear a pin drop. Mind you, a pin dropping in my bedroom at night would be a cause for concern anyway.

    Scones originated in Scotland so what you need is an authentic Scottish recipe. As soon as I have the time, I´ll send you the one I always use.

    I do hope that your blood test is OK. It´s no fun living in fear. I know. I´ve been there.

    And on a lighter note, I LOVE your filing system. Got to adopt that as it sounds a lot more organised than my own...which goes a long way to explaining why it may take some time to find that recipe.