Friday, November 23, 2012


I knew I forgot something yesterday......

Ann has this really neat new kit out. I told you about it last week? Well, I played with it, and forgot to post!

Here you go.

It's available here

Pain meds wore off, pain unfortunately didn't, but I'm not taking anything today, I'm still woozy from the last batch. LOL
Mike is back to work. They're having a Black Friday Weekend full of sales, so I probably will catch up with him on Monday. He'll be tuckered when he gets home tonight, and I'm pretty sure, by the time I get back from Tai Chi (YUP, Im actually going tonight) he'll be asleep, either on the couch or in bed. Tomorrow, I'm making a quick run to go see my dad, between dropping hubby off on base and picking him back up, and sunday, they're having a great sale in the PX, so I'll be on base, at least for part of the day.

I have to figure something out for Sinterklaas. I "signed up" with my sisters family for Secret Santa, next sunday. and I have some ideas, but putting them into practice is something entirely different.  I'm going to charge my I-pod, and do some excercising while on Base on Sunday, like I used to, and which I don't anymore, resulting in being winded when I walk up the stairs again.................

Sorry, I'm ratteling....... Mind is going 90 miles a minute, on a road to nowhere LOL. So, I'm going to leave you alone, maybe pick on the kitty, if he's awake, or read my book. I dug out my favorite mysteries..... They're all centered around the holidays. Right now, I'm 3 chapters into Mary Daheims Alpine Christmas........ So, I'm going to make me a sandwich, with a side of pumpkin pie and hot chocolate, park myself on the couch with a blanket, turn on some music, and basically veg until it's time to start dinner and get ready for Tai Chi.

Have a great weekend!

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