Thursday, November 8, 2012


Have you ever noticed that you miss things for a while, and when you get them again, you wished you would have enjoyed missing them a little more?
I know, this sounded a WHOLE lot more sane in my head, so let me explain a little. LOL.
All the years we lived far from any kind of family, I missed having them around on my birthday, and the longer it was, the more I forgot the balancing act to keep the peace. I grew up with only moms family around, and every birthday it was the same thing. As a kid, you don't really notice but the really blatant things, and as you get older the memories change and you DO pick up on the little things too. I love family gatherings, I just wished you could zap certain people into stases the minute they walk in the door, give them memories of an awesome party, and thaw them out when the rest of the family is ready to go.... Until than.... I guess you swallow hard and keep smiling!

It was STILL a great weekend, AND the house got a good going over in the process. Nicky came with her family and it was very nice to have all of them together, without having to work. (Last time they visited as a family, we fixed up the computer room, and the time before that, they put the flooring in the house). They had taken us to a V E R Y nice grill place about 30 km away last winter and we had a blast  and as a birthday gift, they gave us a gift certificate to go there.... so nice! It has great food, and a grill in the middle of the table. You grill as you're hungry, nobody bugs you about your order, and you can stay as long as you want, or until they close, whichever comes first. Not sure yet if we will use it for our aniversary, or "just because" but either way, I know we'll enjoy it very very much. My oldest sister and her spouse gave me a very sweet birthday gift. He brought the drill, and hung the coatrack and shoecabinet, so now I have more space under the bed for dustbunnies :-)  My niece came too with her hubby and 3 kids..... Sunday we had 11 people in the house, on Monday 5, and after everybody left, I just sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and enjoyed the quiet.... It's usually only the 3 of us, and neither Perky or Mike talk much, so it's pretty quiet around here. Besides the fact that I completely forgot how to entertain, to have that many people in the house, and keep track of everybody, talk to at least everybody for a little bit and follow's tough. A nice problem to have, but still .... brain hurt!

Besides the gathering, I also did a little bit of playing..... I only sleep about 3 hours a night and that leaves a couple of hours of quiet time so Mike can sleep, so that's when I do a lot  of it. I also make A LOT of lists of things I need to do, think about, figure out and so on.... The stack of lists gets bigger, but the things on them don't change..... I need a plan to finish the plans! I wonder if I should put that on a list........... :-)

Boo has been busy, Ann has a new kit coming out (and there's a couple of older ones I haven't played with), I have to post the Point in Time Challenge over at The Studio and Ivy has the new mini pixels out AND a birthday celebration going on...... And one of my new  years resolutions was to get more involved in the sites, and better prepared for CT requirements/duties.


I'll finish this up tomorrow, and see if I can get some sleep :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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