Sunday, July 31, 2011


MAN O MAN! did I have an awesome Friday!!

Nicky and I had our first actual "catch up on each other" day since we got back. IT WAS AWESOME!!
She picked me up at Ikea, we had breakfast there, and did some walking around. When we go with the guys, it usually turns into a "hit and run, follow the shopping list, no time to look at anything" thing, so this was a great start of the day. Mike dropped me off on the way to work, and she would have to pass it on the way to our place, so.... seemed logical to both of us.

After that we went to this old farmhouse, turned into hotel/restaurant and spent the rest of the day. We got home at 10.30! What did we do? Nothing at all, but talk! we used to live a couple doors from each other, and spent a lot of time together, when she got married and moved away, we would get together at least once every couple of weeks, and catch up. Than I moved to the US, and we chatted on ICQ, sent emails, and when we both had the feeling the other could cheering up, we called. We never made it back, but her and Willem came to visit twice, and once with the kids. They sent us tickets to come to Singapore while they were living there, so we did see eachother a couple of times. Since Christmas after I got sick, we skyped, but there's nothing that supersedes sitting across from each other, with a cup of tea, and just talking about anything and everything, without regard for cost, anybody butting in or having to do something else. We had it planned, and before dinner, we had the next one planned! We are going to do this, every couple of weeks, no longer than 5 apart....... I am SOOOO looking forward to it. Since we had a lot of stuff to catch up on, we went out. Not sure what next time will be, We considered the zoo, but the kids will want to go there too, so maybe not - we considered me going up and shopping in Eindhoven, maybe stay the night and have Mike pick me up the next day, and all of us spending that day together,  but we did decide to stay at our place soon, so I can fill her in on schrapbooking, both digital and paper. Don't know if I will convert her in starting, because she works 40 hours in the office, and some at home, has 2 kids of her own, and 3 more that consider her house home so... she's busy! If she looks interested, maybe I can talk her into letting me do the "hard work" of making pages for her LOL.

And I can't believe it, and almost don't have the heart to put it out there, but..... we didn't take one picture! I had the camera, and I had every intention to have the waitress take a picture of us, but it never happened! I can download pictures of the place from their website, and I probably will, and than I'll just have to journal that we were there.... Can't believe I did that! LOL

Since I couldn't sleep, I also played with a new kit I received from StarSongStudio. It's called sweet Remembrance. The minute I saw it, I knew I had the perfect picture for it. My favorite tree in Marshalltown. It was taken down after we moved out. The neigbor thought it was in our way, since its branches covered the driveway and had been asking if we wanted them to take it down..... Guess the new owners said yes. I loved that tree! Could't wait for the first flowers in spring to show up, and again in the fall. I thought they only bloomed once, and I was so happy to be wrong!

Since it wasn't our tree, I had to wait till the wind ripped a branch off, that still had flowers on it. I took them into the house, and held them against our apple-green wall in the little room off the kitchen. When the house was victoria, that area housed the spiral staircase. When the house burned in the 1920's, the stairs were re-positioned more to the center of the house and the "little octagon" room was created and formed a pass through from the kitchen to the living-room. (The reason we know the stairs were there, is because in the basement, you could still see the outlines of the steps, and the wallpaper.)

I have no idea why the pictures came out the way they did, but I think they look very victorian. It was kind of a dreary day, just having gone thru the outskirts of a tornado, but still..... I don't think I could have photoshopped the pictures to look this way if I tried!

Promised Mike that the laundry would be off his chair, and in the closet when he gets home, so I better go give it a shot! Tomorrow we're going to Kaiserslautern Base, to check out the BX and Commissary. With Mike getting paid in dollars, it's actually more economical (for some stuff atleast)  to buy on base, so we're expanding our options, as well as "get away" for the day. Since it's almost a 4 hour drive, we're leaving here around 5 (eek!) and hope to be there when they open. I think Mike has an alterior motive though....  Captain America is playing in the theater on base, and I know I haven't seen it advertised for the theaters around here anywhere.

OH, before I forget.... the last step of the progressive scrap needs to be "in" tonight.... so I finished that right before I started this post.

Like usual, the page turned out a little strange, but.... that fits me! LOL

Talk to you soon. :-)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sister! I love the photos of the flowers! They would make a great note card! Your pages turned out great! :)