Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crashing later, but I got some scrappin' done .......

Hi all, I just got done playing with the most amazing kits.....

The XMasNight Add-On 
The Pearls CU collection 

2 freebies at Flights of Fancy digi-scrap By Paris Designs to match her kits Roses for Winter and the combined freebie from Winter Joy and Winter Blues

And  DDD's kit SouthWest Morning

Here's the previews:


And here is the page I made with them sofar.

Still working on the other one, but this shows you a little bit of the kit...

Go check out XmasNight by Elke Romero
The XMasNight Add-On by Elke Romero
The Pearls CU collection by Elke Romero

I have a really good idea for the pearls, but I can't get it to look right, so untill I have that problem licked, I'm not going to let you see the page......  You ever had one of those moments, where things look a WHOLE lot better in your head than on paper? Yeah! That's the one! LOL

The following page I made with the freebie I found on Flights of fancy's blog It's "related" to Roses for winter .  Alright, I KNEW it was there, but it's still a cool little add-on to the full kit!  

I wish I could figure out how to post the add for Flights of Fancy..... I'm working on it, but all the Yahoo-Groups I was going to post on, require that you join them first, and explain why you want to join.... It feels a bit awkward to tell them, to advertise for another site, and I don't want to lie, so I don't fill that part in...... I think that may be a reason I don't get any answers..... Well, as soon as my foggy brain clears up a bit, I'll try and figure another way. 

This page I made with Southwest Morning from IvyScraps, DigiDesDesigns.

Its a real soft kit, but definately South West! I also saw that she has a matching kit out..... 
South West Evening! Together, or alone, they would make that special South West picture, extra special... Who can pass that up?

Wow, not sleeping has its advantages! I think I may actually be ahead of the game this month...... Need to post the pages to 1 more site each, and I'm caught up, and it's barely halfway thru the month!
Too bad my brain doesn't keep up with me this month though! I've been trying to get my head around setting up a Thunderbird account for the Flights of Fancy newsletter, and in the process I wiped out all my emails on one computer, and seriously fubarred my email on the other..... and if it had worked that would have been a small victoriy, but it didn't........
So, in that respect..... I'm a little behind LOL.
Does that even things out?
Oh, I don't know......

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