Wednesday, January 19, 2011

just one more winter picture....


I know, there's way too many, but I LOVE winter pictures! Can't help it. Once a snowpuppy, always a snowpuppy LOL

This page is made with Snow Much Fun, the January mega at IvyScraps.

It looks strange to me, but alright at the same time. I think it's the pink (not my color) but I'm not sure. If you have an opinion, let me know?

The mega is on sale till the end of the month.

(Couldn't have been a better name for the kit if they tried!!!)

Now, about the mention of pink not being my color ..... Don't know if my memory is the only thing that went wonky with chemo, but Mike just pointed out that THERE IS PINK IN MY BLOG!!! . I went for the shapes and orange and reds, never noticed the pink....... LOL
Maybe next time they send me for a CT-scan, they should include my brain too.... Something to think about. But honestly. I don't link pink. HOT pink, yes, (from bedsheets, to nailpolish, and anything in between has been known to find its way into the house) but "baby pink"? Nope! LOL 

Still working on adds for Flights of Fancy
Paris Designs is re-releasing her part of the mega at Deco-pages. CABIN FEVER.
I LOVE that kit. I'm not sure, but I swear there are new things in it from the version I have, and there's 4 brag-book pages that are new too.

I'm dropping the ball here. Partly because I don't know how to do things, partly because my brain/hands don't cooperate with daily life and partly because of not being able to because of, lets just say "bad days'. I'm inventing a schedule to start following, and I'll follow it, if it kills me LOL. I HAVE to make concessions for "bad" days, but at the same time, I'm going to push myself as long as Mike will let me, or until my body just gives up and puts me to sleep.whichever comes first.  I can't sleep, but I don't have any energy, so.... something's got to give.
I'm going to start walking, half hour at a time, and see how that works. We went grocery shopping the other day, and had to make 3 stops, and by the time I had to get into the truck the third time, my legs wouldn't work, and Mike had to unceremoniously shove me on to my seat. He's been doing this for 18 months now, and now that I'm more aware, it really bothers me. I know he doesn't mind, and he notices before I'm ready to admit that I need help, and doesn't even wait till I ask (He knows I won't unless I'm ready to cry) but I want to do things for myself again. Between physical therapy and occupational therapy, it's getting better, but so excruciatingly slow, that it's driving me nuts!  I keep thinking as long as I don't strain myself, it will never get back to where I used to be..... catch 22 at its best!

Below are 2 Christmas cards I made with the kit when it first came out in 2008.

Well, I've been up since 8.30 yesterday, and besides dragging, I'm not making much sense, I think, so I'll shelf this post and see if there's a chance at sleep today. I'll even settle for a cat nap LOL.

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