Sunday, January 2, 2011


Actually it's called SNOW MUCH FUN
It's the January Mega at IvyScraps.  It's a great kit, with colors that make you want to bundle up with some hot chocolat, but I bet it would be good for baby pictures also, and pretty much anything in between LOL

I had my first page together about 12.30 New Years Eve, so actually, I guess half an hour into the new year, but I have ransacked the post so many times, trying to "fix" and add things, that I almost lost the entire thing a while ago, and decided I better quit while I'm just a little bit behind, and start a new post.

Check out the previews of the kit:

and the CT gallery for some inspiration , although I'm pretty sure, once you look at the kit, you won't need our help to make wonderful pages!

Here's the page I made today. My mind is still mulling on others, but my hands are urging me to give the computer a rest for the day, so that will have to be the last one of the day.

BEFORE I GO, there is a challenge going on at Flights of Fancy DigiScrap . Go have a look, and check out the store. It's filling up nicely, but we're not ready for the GRAND opening yet. Bear with us on that. Before the kits hit the stores, they go thru Quality Control, so you can be assured that when you "unwrap" them they're ready for use, and you won't have to tweak them, unless you absolutely want to! LOL

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