Monday, January 10, 2011

A little advertising for a new friend

actually, it's a new shop from an old friend.
Some of the designers from Deco-Pages have gotten together, and started a new shop.

If you like what you see (and I'm sure you will) leave some love, 
and spread the word :-)

Happy New Year from the new kid on the block!
                                           FLIGHTS OF FANCY DIGI-SCRAP.COM
We’re still unpacking and organizing, but you’re welcome to come and join us. We already have a challenge going on our blog, and of course kits for you to scrap with in the store.  
Now, because we’re not settled yet, and we like our friends to “join in” anyway, how about you tell us what kind of kits we should think about? What do you want to see in your store?  Leave us a comment on our blog, and don’t forget to register at the store, so you’ll receive the newsletters, updates, special announcements and GRAND OPENING information delivered right into your mailbox. No calendar required. We’ll remind you
There’s a variety of kits already in the store, with more to come, as soon as we get them quality checked, so all you have to do is play when you unwrap them! 
Our designers Paris Designs, P4DSDesignz, Deb Ammermans Designs, Angels Digi Scraps, Theta Designs and Designs by Abbe are busy creating and checking new kits for you create with, so you can Preserve and Share your memories!
Paris Designs has 2 kits that can make one HUGE winter-kit with cute Christmas tree ornaments to accompany your holiday pictures, as well as “just” winter pictures. They’re called  WINTER BLUES and WINTER JOY. And there’s SEASON OF GIVING, a more traditional kit with a variety of coordinating colors.  Great for those more traditional pages, or maybe even getting a head-start on making those Christmas cards …… Brand new is also ROSES FOR WINTER, an overall winter picture kit for all those "cold" pictures that don't fall under Christmas, but that you STILL want to show off.
P4DSDesignz’ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 speaks for itself. What it doesn’t tell you is the muted red, blues and greens and the unique elements.
Deb Ammermans Designs has different parts that, together, would make for one bundle of coordinating inspiration. BROOKLYNS CHRISTMAS is broken down into “the complete page kit”, “the elements”, “the papers”, and my personal favorite a “10 page quick-page album”! She also has WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME. It's a Christmas kit with bright and lively colors.
Angels Digi Scraps rounds out what’s in the store for now with HOLIDAY FEVER. This is a soft, traditional, holiday kit. She offers it as a complete kit, or you can either get the papers, or element packs. 
Here are a couple of things you need to know:
    * Our store is at: 
    * Our blog is at: 
    * There’s a store fan blinkie  on our blog, that we would love for you to display on your blog or as part of your signature.  

Help us spread the word! The more we can grow our new family, the happier we’ll be!
We’re here to help you to preserve and share your memories.
Hope to see you soon!

The Flights of Fancy Digi-Scrap Family

PSSSSSSSST......... I think I saw a freebie on the blog this morning!


It's 2.30 and one week into the resolve to keep up with LIFEBOOK, and I flunked  in Capitals. Not proud of it, not really ashamed either, come to think of it LOL, just thoroughly frustrated!
Just one of those things. I know what I want to do, have the sketch ready, papers picked, photomask ready, journaling set up, to what I want to tell and than..... nothing. Can't find the graduation book from basic, with the pictures I want to put with the journaling. Came up to 3 pages too. (A record for one subject, so far) It's all saved on the Tera-drive (the same one I'm trying to organize) and it will stay there, until I find what I'm looking for. I guess that at least the planning is there, and the pages will be done to the point of adding pictures, but that still leaves me feeling like I'm not keeping up..... I hate this living out of boxes. I used to know exactly where every book or piece of information was, now I don't even know which box to look for, let alone, where that box would be. Of course, not having brainpower enough to remember what you're looking for if you have to look for longer than 5 minutes, doesn't help matters much either. We made a resolution though, Mike and me. We're going to go thru every box we have, and make 3 piles of the content. Keep, give away and throw away. (I added another one, but Mike doesn't know that yet - the "HAVE TO THINK ABOUT pile......)
After that, we will still have boxes, but at least I'll know what's in which box! And we made a deal. My genealogy/photo things will stay in the house. WHOOHOO!!!   Did I mention we're going to put everything that's in a box, on a list, with the box number? ONE of these days, we're going to be organized enough to find what we're looking for! LOL

Well, gotta run, Mike has an early day today. He'll be home in a little over 2 hours, and I want to have dinner almost ready when he gets here....  After dinner, we'll be moving the livingroom around, so we have room to empty and re-pack boxes without tripping over things while we sort thru them, and at 8PM, I have a chat for Lifebook.......

Talk soon, and don't forget to check out FLIGHTSOFFANCYDIGI_SCRAP.COM


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