Friday, January 21, 2011

I found something really neat!

I was blog-hopping on some blogs I follow, and got to ScrapGenie's blog , where I found the coolest way to get genealogy blogging going, I've ever seen. It's called Ancestral name roulette. This weeks rules were to take the age of a grandparent or age they would have been would they still be alive.
This is your roulette number.
Than, you take the corresponding number in your familytree index.
You have to tell 3 things about this person.
Cool, Right?!

 I picked Mikes grandfather Benjamin. He would have been 110 this year
So my roulette# is 110
This turned out to be Mikes favorite aunt, wife to his dads brother, Eleanor Virginia (Gile) Kelley.

The weird thing is, for a favorite aunt, we really don't know a whole lot about her, but with a little thinking I did come up with 3 things.
1 She worked for the Marshalltown Courthouse before she married
2 She met Keith thru work (I think - and I have to verify that thought - that she met him when he filed for a delayed birth certificate when he joined the Navy.)
* She is the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet. (I know, this one doesn't count, but it needed to  be said LOL)
3 She married uncle Keith in Nebraska.

Well, I went back to double check, and guess what..... I missed a step. I think my lack of sleep is catching up with me, or the pain pills. Hard to say at this point, so..... you'll be getting another glimpse into our family tree :-)

The step I forgot was to divide 110 by 4. Rounded out, that makes my new roulette# 27
Now my person would be Rick Lutjens, my cousin on my dads side thru his oldest Sister.
I have never met him, and only emailed with him a couple of times and somehow we lost contact again.
1 He spend his early years in Indonesia
2 He now lives in Tasmania
3 He has one son and one daughter

For the full effect of this, you HAVE to go to Jean's genealogy side of her blog. Thru lack of information on my 2 people that came up, this post is really a very watered down version of what it should be.

It DID spark the genealogy/research bug again, so be prepared to see more family tree information soon LOL.

Before I forget, for the 3rd day running..... I'm doing  the progressive scrap at DigiDesignResort again this month. We're on step 2, and I THINK I have a plan, but how that turns out depends on what our ringmaster has up her sleeve this time......... I'll show you when I get done, or stuck, whichever comes first.

For now, I'm going to say goodnight, and see if I can sleep tonight.... If not, I'll be back in a little while

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