Saturday, July 16, 2011

All caught up....

with my commitments, except the newsletter... even finished the qp contest.  Photoshop Elements has some of the same things as Photoshop, but there are some things it just won't do. As it turns out, that are JUST the things I use a lot in photoshop.... go figure LOL

The kit used for the contest is Happiness by PrettyJu, as you can tell by the  preview :-)
I don't think all of the pages are up yet, but the ones that are.... WOW!

I'm still trying to figure out the rules, and hope I don't get disqualified because I missed something. Sofar I have read them about a dozen times, and every time something else catches my eye I don't remember seeing before......... so that's going to prove interesting!

Below are my entries for the IvyScraps Mega called Americana. I enjoyed working with it. It can go for patriotic, nautical but also heritage pages, without much trouble.

Here are my pages with it. Still haven't posted them at the other sites. Will do that tomorrow.

This page is soooo going to get me in trouble.... I'm a puppy of 2 countries! I thought I was going to have to make 2 pages, one for Holland, and one for Iowa because there is a challenge where you praise your country...... I thought it was IvyScraps, but I can't find it anymore.... so..... problem solved! LOL

That's it for me for today. Got to bed at 2.40 this morning, and was up again at 6.30, so..... needless to say, I'm a little bushed, but oddly enough, not sleepy.  

Two more days before the results. Mike is confident that it will turn out ok. I kinda sorta have the same thoughts, but have been burning candles just in case, as well as having a steady stream of short prayers going to the man upstairs .....
My experiences of the last week, with the rooting for a vein, has me terrified.  

So, I know that for most, it's still Saturday afternoon, but here it is almost 10.30 at night, and I'm going to see if I can sleep a little tonight.
Sweet Dreams :-)

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