Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally..... back to some kind of "normal"

Still working to get my baby going, but since I can scrap, it's not that urgent, although.... I have to link the July/August Newsletter for Flights of Fancy before too long, so I better not give up the search just yet!

Welll.... I worked hard today LOL!   Mike will probably not agree with me on that, since there is remarkably little done in way of housework, but;
- I finished the Bingo page. Can't show it here, it's for the winner over at IvyScraps. If I knew how to play Bingo, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot myself since we're not able to ever use the pages for ourselves. It came out nicely and I hope that who ever wins, enjoys it.
- Turned in my required ct pages, but haven't posted them on the 2 sister sites yet. I'll do that tomorrow, when I can think. I will post them here also.
- Finished my very first assignement for StarSong Studio for her new kit. It's going on sale on the 19th, so go check it out. In the time that I have signed up with her, she has finished a couple of really awesome kits, and if she'll let me, I'd be "willing" to play with them! LOL
- Picked up the kit for the QP challenge over at CoolScrapDigital and will start on that on Sunday. Was going to do that today, but there was a snafu in the scheduling, and today they changed Mikes day off to tomorrow, instead of Sunday. Just for this rotation, so it's not really bad, but I'm not as flexible as I once was.... If they throw something like that at me, I tend to panic these days, instead of just changing my plans from one day to another.... Could it have something to do with old age? I wonder...........

I also discovered something.... I'm an "in between puppy" when it comes to calling one country or another home! I am seriously missing Iowa. Even though I'm "home" since I'm born here, my heart belongs there......... a very strange feeling indeed.

I have to get back to digging thru boxes for my medical records. Went to the hospital on Monday, and had a somewhat emergency CT on Wednesday. Expecting the result on Monday, and was asked to bring them.... The CT was not planned. It was only supposed to be a blood check and xray, so I'm having a fit every time I sit down with nothing to do. I SOOOOOO don't want to go thru this again! It was like being back in Texas, where it seemed as if they let the janitor put in the IV. It took them 4 tries on Monday, and 5 on Wednesday..... so knowing that I will never be able to have a life-port again because of blood clots, seriously freaks me out. I'm hoping that scrapping will continue to be my mental escape..... I'll let you know Tuesday if the news was good or otherwise. In the meantime, if you will, send me some happy thoughts?

It's almost 2.30 AM, so I think I'm going to see if I can sleep a little. Mike has been snoozing for a couple of hours, and I haven't seen my fuzzy companion in a while, so I think I'm going to have to check my pillow before I put my head down, so I don't squash him......

Good night all, and I'll post the pages and links tomorrow or Sunday.

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