Friday, August 10, 2012

a week of firsts....

and still giggling about them :-)

I have taken the wrong bus, I've taken the right bus in wrong direction before.... the things you get when you use public transportation and don't take the time to read the schedule right, but I have never been on a bus that got lost.... until wednesday!

There's 2 different lines that visit our little town, both taking different routes to get to the same place, but since I only get in on one bus stop, and they both stop there, I'm never quite sure which one I'm on. However, this bus was taking a route I had never been on, and there weren't any stops. People were getting nervous,  and were looking around, like I was, to figure out where we were going. All of a sudden, about 6 minutes into a 10 minute bus trip, the driver hits the brakes, and starts to turn around, clogging up and I'm sure, confusing traffic in all directions. This was followed by a high speed back tracking  to almost our starting point, and following the normal route from there. It was interesting.
It reminded me of our trip to Singapore, where everybody was hustled out of the airplane in Tokyo, put on a bus, and under armed guard, driven to a dark part of the airfield. Let me tell you THAT was NOT a good feeling! There were 2 guards patrolling around the bus and 1 was standing in the front of the bus. Not with the gun over the shoulder, but with the gun at the ready. I can tell you that you could hear a pin drop in that bus, and it was full to capacity! We never did find out what that was about, but if we ever fly that direction again, I sincerely hope not to pass thru that airport again!

The second "first" was funny, in a shake your head kind of way.....
I was talking to someone who needs to take a break every 20 minutes or so for a cigaret, about the old St.Jans cathedral in Den Bosch. How they just got done cleaning the sandstone a couple of years ago, and that I want to go see it, because last time I saw it (25 years ago) it was mostly black from exhaust and pollution.
This gentleman shakes his head, and sais: "Wow, makes you wonder what you inhale living in a city......"

It took a lot of willpower to keep a straight face! LOL

On another note, "my" designers have been a little bit on the quiet side because of vacations and such, but I'm sorry to say, it didn't give me any more of a chance to catch up much.

Ann from StarSongStudio has a new kit coming out soon. It's called "Attic Treasures" and it was soooooo much fun to play with. I got her permission to use it on the family website... COOL! And she has a couple of new ones that came out, that I haven't worked yet, so I will get that done, after Folkwoods, and post them here. If you can't wait for  that, go check out her stores here. As with all her kits.... they are AWESOME and I really can't figure out what kept me from playing with them!


Booland Designs still has the retirement sale going, and I am very sorry to say, that I'm totally confused as to which ones came out when, and whether I have pages made for them and if so, what the heck I did with them.... So, that will also be sorted after Folkwoods. I have the sneaky suspicion that I will need a day or 2 on the couch to recover from that and having to sort the computer seems like a good excuse! LOL   Even though camping has been canceled for my sister and me..... I'm sure I'll have other ways to overdo it. Like sleeping 4 hours and being outside and walking most of the rest of the time......

I didn't skunk responsibility all together though. I made the Bingo Page for IvyScraps, and finished my pages. They'll be posted where they need to go by end of day, but I'll give you a preview..... The kit is called Enchantment, and you can find it here  and I know I saw some free matching papers out there as well, so go have a look. Here are 2 of my pages. I have another one that is almost done, but I wanted to finish this post, and wish you a great weekend, with whichever type of weather you prefer or need, to do what you want to do :-)

There's nothing quite as magical as frost covered trees at sun up.

This little guy was 10 days old when I took this picture.
It's so nice to be able to go whenever I want..... Even if it's just for an hour or so.

I'm off to finish packing, get the house in shape for Mike to have a "me" weekend with the fuzzy roommate. Maybe I'll be back later, but I may just "pre-sleep" for the weekend and take a nap! Train leaves at 7.50AM........


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