Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was putsing around on Rootsweb last week, after I found Mike's dads family in the Census of 1940, 1930, 1920, 1910 AND 1900. Since the census stated that the first (as far as we know atleast) John Elias Evans' immigration year was 1886 and both he and his wife were born in Wales, I tried finding records for that event.... no luck. Or better said LOTS of luck. I had no idea there were so many People with the same name moving from the same area TO the same area, and with no idea what the right family or town in Wales the family originated from, I thought I had hit the most bountiful dead-end you could ever imagine.

Wait, there HAS to be more to this post, right? There is! On Rootsweb, I found a post, dated 2003, that mentioned, what I thought was "our" John, so I emailed the originator of the post, and got an answer back  yesterday. It WAS family of John. A niece to be exact. She remembered John, and had possibly some pictures and information. I was delighted, but no more so when I opened the second email this morning, and found a picture of John, Mikes mom, Mike, Doug, Janice and Kim, with a gentleman in uniform. Than, I read what was written under the picture in the email. The sender was the brother of the cousin that had posted..... I couldn't resist. I'd been fiddling with it the whole day in my head, and as soon as dinner was over I put this page together.

The weather being too stinking hot to sleep, I did a little bit of scrapping last night, into early morning....

Kit used is Everyday News by DigiDesDesigns

It was funny to see that since 1976, the intersection has not changed at all.....  The page will go into Mikes LifeBook under transportation. I just have to find some original advertising for the car to add to a secondary page.

Played around with some of the pictures from Folkwoods. 

Same designer, same kit, different kind of page :-)

We went, briefly, to the Rose Festival in Lottum and let me tell you.... I'm not going again, unless we have a cooler in the car, and I can carry a purse with enough room for a couple of bottles water each. Besides the 12.50 Euro's it took to get in, all the stores were closed, and a glass of water, 3/4 filled, was 2 Euro's. We tried to buy a bottle, and I swear, it must have been liquid gold, because they tried to charge 10 Euro's for it. Never again.... I want to go back to see the roses, but not during the festival! On top of this, the rose-garden was mostly done blooming. we couldn't tell if the roses were clipped for the festival, or past their flowering season, but it was pretty bare. We did see some nice flower arrangements, and you'll probably see some pages with them. I don't mean to sound cranky about this, but it seemed a lot overpriced. I guess we should have smelled a rat when, in a country where you pay for parking when you go to church, the parking was free LOL!

The following page was made with a partial picture taken  there..... The kit used is StarSongStudio's Lavender Dream

So, I think that's all I have to say tonight. It seems to be a little cooler, so maybe I can get some sleep......Don't forget to hug a loved one?

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