Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No reason........

but I wanted to start blogging regularly again. Not write a book once a month, but a little bit a couple of times a month, maybe even (GASP!) a couple of times a week. I'm not sure, but it feels like it's time to do the "normal" thing, have a schedule (and pray that I'm able to stick to at least 80% of it LOL) you know, grab life by the horns and enjoy the ride! :-)

I have the August challenge posted over at DigitalScrapbookingStudio, so if you wish, go have a look. I know it is on the late side, since it ends August 31, but I had to start my newly forged schedule somewhere :-)

Here's the "add" for it. If you have a chance, come play?

I also, finally, made a page that will be the first page of our family tree album:

Everyday News by DigiDes Designs

I have been searching for just the right kit, with the right elements, or several kits with the right elements between them, but when I saw the crossword element, it all fell into place! It was exactly what I had been looking for. You know, you're missing an ingredient, but you can't go searching for it, because you're not sure what it is? Obviously, it was one of those that has to hit you on the head  ;-)

Well, this is it from my corner of the world. It's over the 100 degrees, and this puppy is hitting the icecream. After which, I will check on my fish tank. I lost another guppy, and am now down to 2..... I wish I could have run computer simulations before I jeopardized a living being.... I feel awful about learning this way. I wonder when they will start dying of old age, and not mismanagement.... I guess it proves that good intentions do NOT out way practical know how.

Don't forget to hug a loved one, stay cool (or warm, depending on where you are in the seasonal cycle) and we'll talk soon :-)

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