Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's AUGUST already!!!!

Where did the year go?

I haven't kept up with the blog much, because of different reason, but one of them is that it just seems like yesterday I updated, and when I go look, it's been 2 weeks..... Mom always said that as you get older time seems to go faster, but this is ridiculous!!! For 2 reasons.
One: I'm not old! I have been holding steady at 39 for quite a while, and I enjoy it. Pretty soon I will have to 'up" the age if this keeps going on.......
Two: If time keeps going at this rate, I'll be 80 before I realize it, and I'm not liking that idea. There's too much to see, do and too many people left to annoy for time to be going this fast! LOL

All kidding aside though..... I'm running all the time and it's starting to feel like I'm losing the battle of enjoying just being alive. I remember the time when scheduling something 2 weeks old had something unreal.... it was sooooo far away, tons of things could happen before THAT day arrived. And now, I just scheduled a visit a month out, and it is happening next week!

So, this weekend..... I was going to enjoy my fish tank... I had a little calamity going on last week, and lost 2 of my brightest guppies. YUP! one day, all is well, next day my orange one went. Just lay there on the top of the pump. Nothing wrong with him, well except the fact he was dead, but, as instructed, I checked his gills, fins and belly, and all was normal. Day after that... my blue one went the same way.... I was in a total panic. Now, mind you.. this is my first tank, and I did the research. My niece walked me through the set up with ground cover, plants, water values, pump, temperature and the likes while we filled up the tank for the first time. 10 days later (the recommended time for the water to get "just so") my sister and I got the fish, after we checked the water values to make sure I wasn't going to kill them first night out! I had been wanting a blue guppy from the start. The others were optional, but I definitely wanted a blue one, and for the rest, all they needed to be was bright and swimming around so I can enjoy looking at them. I know, I'm shallow LOL. I got my wish... for 2 weeks. The water started to get really cloudy, so we checked the water values again. Nothing wrong there. Fish store thought it was too much food in the water, so they suggested not to feed for 4 days, and limiting the light to 8 hours a day. If it was the food, it should clear the water, and I should start feeding less. If that didn't help it might be the plans and I should wrap the whole tank in newspapers for 2 days, still not feeding the fish. Now, since I can't go 3 hours without eating, I thought that would be pretty cruel, so I turned the lights off for a whole day. The water started to get cloudy before the fish were in it, so I went with the plant thing first.... Figuring if that what was needed, might as well do it from the start, and shorten the time they wouldn't get fed....  They stand pretty close to a window, so they get light, just not the sunbath they get with he aquarium light on. Next day, water is clear as a bell, so the day after I turned the light on for 6 hours ... water starts to get cloudy again, but not as bad as it was, so I decided it was time to feed the fish... I did, and they were fine. Next morning.... not so much. At this time, I'm worried that I starved them, but there is still the cloudy water issue, so I sent my sister and niece a message to see if they have any ideas why the orange one just died. I thought, maybe he had been washed on top of the pump by the plants, so I moved them away from the pump, and put the pump a little lower in the tank.... hoping that would save the rest from getting beached..... They didn't thing this was it, but it couldn't hurt.... Well, turns out... with the warm weather... they didn't get enough oxygen.... The pump wasn't doing it's job. We found this out when my niece got on a train, with fish medical kit, and started going thru everything  that MIGHT have killed the fish, and nothing panned out. When she pulled the complete pump, we found out that only one hole was actually working... so we fixed that, turned it up high, so it looks like it has waves and within an hour the fish started moving A LOT better. When we took her home, she gave me a "bubble machine" to put in the tank when we got home (she gave me the correct name, but since it makes bubbles..... ) and the leftover guppies are happy as clams again.

This is after the Orange one died,  but before the Blue one went.... the plants are now thinned out, and the water  well oxygenized and clear. As soon as I get a minute, I'll post a current picture here :-)

So, I was going to enjoy them this weekend, having done chores during the week. I decided that on Wednesday, and here it is Saturday... and I'm still doing the chores..... Does anybody have a clue on how to slow time down a bit, so I can get a handle on things? LOL

Well, this is it for me for now, I just wanted to ask you about the time thing, and have a snack before I get going on my day. Mike is at work, will be tomorrow, and I have to get things ready for FOLKWOODS!!! YUP going again this year. This year.. my favorite Dutch singer is going to give a concert.... I haven't been feeling right, so I'm hoping to be able to stay the whole weekend again, but as long as I make it thru Gerard Maasakkers' concert....... I can fall over and call it good :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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