Saturday, August 18, 2012

not quite right yet....

but happy as a clam!

As I did last year.... I had a blast at Folkwoods!
Some of the bands were a little "out there" and I really couldn't see what they had to do with folk music, and I bailed on them pretty quickly, but...... overall, it was a great weekend.
Marcel was tending bar this year, and it was so much fun to see him work. It was hard to recognize the kid we see at home, quiet, doing his thing without much to say..... He had a smile on his face the whole weekend, even though the circles around his eyes got deeper as the weekend wore on. LOL He treated me no different from other customers, was friendly and efficient and seemed to fit right in with the other volunteers, even though they had been doing the "job" for a lot of years. Some as far back as the first festival, 13 years ago.  He had to fill the occasional cowhorn with beer, and I tried to capture it, but was way to slow...... maybe next year? The date is already entered on my calendar :-)

I didn't have as many glasses of honey-wine this year as I planned. I ended up with a pretty bad headache, and with the painpills to keep my legs functioning halfway decently...... I didn't think it was a good idea, and grudgingly stuck to soda.  I severely enjoyed the Gerard Maasakkers' concert though! Soooooo cool to be able to go to one of his concerts again. Apart from him aging a little.... it was the same great show as in 1986. Other songs of course, but he couldn't help going back in time just a little and we all, quite happily, sang along.

This year I also got to hear Omnia. I don't know quite how to explain their music. It's a mix of tribal sounds and music I imagine was played in the Middle Ages. Some songs I could have done without, but most were very special. I have no idea if they were singing in Gaelic or a made up language, but it was really good.  I'm sorry, I suck at explaining what kind of music I listen to.... Mike was at his wits end by the time I was halfway, so we found their website and I was able to let him listen to some of the songs. Not sure what he thought of it, but yesterday he said, out of nowhere: "You guys listen to some odd stuff at that festival" and never explained if that was a "good" odd or not. LOL. One member of the band looked, as far as I could see from where I was sitting, like Ronan from Stargate Atlantis. He played a Digiridoo, that expanded. Had no idea there was such a thing, but it sure sounded good. LOL

Sunday afternoon I accidentally found my next favorite guitarist. He was the second half of the Hedlund Duo, Oystein Sandbukt.... I couldn't pronounce his name to save my life, but I DO like what he does. His partner plays an instrument that according to his story was almost extinct in the mid 50's. It's called the Nyckelharpa. It's a mix of a violin and a lyra..... It has the most magical sound.

We had a great "camp life" be it that some of the company got a little heavy but that is to be expected. I spent more time at the festival than last year, being better able to move, and not hurting tooooo bad. But the time spent in camp was fun and lazy...... I had promised myself I wouldn't try and take pictures of everything again, just the bands I actually sat and watched, and some camp shots, and, against all expectations, I did just that. I haven't played with them yet, so there's no pages to post yet. I'll keep that for another day.

One more thing before I quit.... is to let you know that I got inspired to get back to normal, and I posted the Point in Time challenge over at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio this morning.  Here is the add I made to post in the Forum for it.

Hope that you will come look at the entries......

Well, gotta go, have some laundry that has just been thru the 4th washing, because I keep forgetting to hang it, so I better get it on the rack this time! LOL

Hug a loved one, enjoy what's left of summer and hope to see you here more often.....  Someday, life HAS to get back to some kind of normal, don't you think?


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