Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are we up?

My last post here Sunday, was really my last entry until today. Right after I posted here, the internet gave up... 
well, not the WHOLE thing, just the part I need to talk to you. LOL

Don't know what happened, just went offline, and couldn't get re-connected.  Called "The Guys" who supply me with it, and they didn't see anything on their end either, all they could tell, is that I wasn't connected..... and their advise was to keep trying!
Which makes me wonder........ 
Just how DO you qualify to be tech-support these days?  :-)

Oh well, all is right again. I tried to connect this morning at 3.30AM for my LifeBook chat, and it went thru, so... who cares why it wasn't working... I DID make sure they had gotten my account credited for payment, so that was NOT the reason it skunked on me! After that was checked, they had no clue, which made me not too broke up that I could't figure out what was going on..... after all, I'm just a dumb consumer, THEY know what they're doing......LOL

Kinda sucks though. I am way late on making my picks for Ivy so I can scrap that, and couldn't even vote for last weeks.... Still have to work on the Flights Newsletter, post 2 lay-outs to Ivy for this months Mega, and there's some other stuff I needed to do, but they elude me... On top of that, I have a doctors appointment today, Thursday and Monday...... 
SO, I'm not going to bed tonight until the Newsletter is done, otherwise it will NOT go out by Thursday. And By the way, do you know how many emails you can stack up in your inbox if you can't check and delete the crap from it?  Believe me... it's a BUNCH! Will have to  go thru those after I get home tonight.

For now,
I'm off to the shower, than I have a date with some household chores, and a train.... after that, it will be "hurry up and wait" until I get back.

Talk to you by end of this week... Internet willing LOL

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