Monday, September 5, 2011

Voting started.....

on the Birthday Bash Lay Out Challenge over at The Studio and the voting ends tomorrow, Sept 6th at midnight EDT. BUT, that's not why I'm writing this.

Ann, from StarSongStudio is participating in the designers part of the the Birthday Bash challenged. 
I stopped by and downloaded the kits the designers have made. I don't think all of them were in yet, so I'll have to go back and double check that..... but there's really nice ones out there. They all coordinate in colors, so if you download all of them, you'll end up with one heck of a versatile kit!  hint hint :-)

Here's the page I made with Ann's part. It came out rather nicely, but I  may be prejudice. Just a little, mind you.....

gotta get some sleep, only had a couple of hours last night.

Talk later.

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  1. It definitely is lovely! at least what you've done with it and that dreamy photo. Good luck in the voting!