Friday, September 2, 2011

A Favor, Please?

I "stuck my foot in it" so to speak, and signed up for the Lay-Out Artist Challenge at The Studio.  It's a 5 week contest to see if you have any talent in the "putting-pages-together department" and I like a challenge, so.... I signed up, and today I finally got around to reading the rules... I know, I'm bad :-) 

Now, the signing up wasn't the problem, but to stay in the challenge, you have to get votes, and, I should  only vote for others LOL. Than there is another point I have to mention: I'm not supposed to offer any incentive to vote, but I'd be grateful if you did :-)  
On second thought.... I'm not sure if that's an incentive or not?

The kit that was generously donated to participants is by Piggy Scraps. It's called Early Morning Light. When I saw the kit, and before I read the instructions of the first week, I was thinking along the lines of sun ups etc, but than I read the rules, and decided to make this page instead...

Here's my submission for week 1. From what I have observed over the last couple of months, this is pretty much an average day in the life of our fuzzy room mate:  

The "little work" means supervising anybody who dares to touch the computer.

The "waiting on my other human" was my favorite time of the day when I was sick. No matter what time Mike went to work, 15 minutes before he was to be home after his 10 hour s away from home, Perky was laying in front of the front door. Far enough that he wouldn't get run over, but close enough that he wouldn't miss out on "being first" to great Mike.

The "little play" was watching KITTY TV, also known to non-kitties (aka humans) as the view outside the window........

Take a look at the gallery for the contest.
Hope you think I'm "worthy" of your vote, if not... May the best lay-outs go on to the next round!

We were only to make a 12x12 page, so I didn't have room for the dozens of places you can take a VERY comfortable catnap. LOL!

Have some chores to do....
You may have noticed .... 
I'm one of those people that eats desert first, because you may not have room for it later.... 
and I firmly believe that the same holds true for "chores vs fun" LOL

Take care.

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  1. Whether at work or play he´s adorable. Those lovely blue ever-so-slightly crossed eyes are irresistible.