Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In trouble already

well.... almost
Last week on LifeBook chat, we kinda just talked about who we were going to chronicle and where to find stuff to make the book, so.... my brain, or at least what passes for it, interpreted that as... we post the cover next week. So I sat back, figuring I was done, because I already had that, and even had it posted .....

Yesterday, right before I was going to bed, so I could get up at least half awake at 2.45, I get the email, asking if everybody posted their BIRTH page!

OOPS!? After I panicked, I started. I have the story. I thought I had found my birth announcement, but now that I need it, I can't find it. I'm going to finish the story page, and set up a matching one for the announcement.Nicky sent me a picture of the apartment complex I was born in, so that will go with the announcement...... will really need to go ask dad again if I can take a peek at the photo-albums/slide boxes....

I'm working on the page right now, but while I'm working, I'm having all kinds of ideas on upcoming pages. AND because I can't trust my memory, I write the ideas down as I go, which makes for  V E R Y  slow going on the page I'm building.

Besides that, I'm working on the NewsLetter for Flights of Fancy....AND I'm trying to get the house in shape, so I'm not frantically looking for a place to put them, when people actually show up when I invite them.

Now, if I can only get all this done today. Mike starts 2 nights of nightshift tomorrow, is off on Friday, and we have no clue what he works after that. I have another doctors appointment on the 10th, and a bunch of other stuff I need to do in between, as well as a class tomorrow..... so... what little brain I have left, is thoroughly overworked.

Going to settle my mind, practice tai-chi for half hour, finish the household chores and I'll be back for a little while to finish atleast one page. Than, it will be time to start dinner. Mike is home early today :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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