Monday, September 19, 2011


on Life in general and LifeBook in particular.

Tomorrow morning at 3AM my time, is the LifeBook chat with VictorionRose and the crew.
If you are interested, come at 9PM ET, click on Chat room, and change your name from Guest#xxx to what you want to be called, and jump right in.
Last week was a "get caught up with everybody" chat, this week it starts in earnest. 
By the beginning.
Title and cover. (Here's mine.)

Made with Star Song Studio's Fleurs du'n Jour. The hinges are from her Old Clock kit.  
The picture you will see again in one of my pages, as it is my favorite one, as well as a great story that goes with it :-)

This go around, it's "all about me" with a catchup from last go around, which was Mikes book. As I wurm information out of him, and find pictures, I will try to fill his book as well as mine. Mind you,  most of my childhood is at my dads, in slides, but atleast I'm close enough, that if he'll let me take them out of the house, I can scan one box at a time and "keep a spot" in the pages for it, if I'm not done with them. I have no clue how to clean up slides, been told that it is a horrible amount of time and effort, for sometimes very little improvement, but..... it's my youth, and my sisters' so it will have to be done..... One slide at a time LOL.

Today, I will also "need" to scrap some pages for Ann, and 2 challenges.... 
So I'm off to have some other kind of fun than posting here, and I'll be back later today with the results, or early in the morning, before the chat......
Bye for now :-)

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