Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just playing around....

I got an email from Booland Design. She's having a contest on her blog

Here's the rules:
1- Your favorite time of day
2- use BLD kit(s)
3- email the result to her (600x600)
Next week is the drawing for her new kit. 

I bought her store twice, and REALLY love her stuff, so that wasn't a hard one to fall for! LOL

Here's my entry.

I have no idea which kits I used. I just put my search for BLD, and went with what came up. I hope she doesn't want it spelled out........ That's going to take me 3 days to figure out! ROFL

Gotta fix dinner. 

Ok, dinner is over with, and I found a website for a breeder here in Holland that breeds Border Collies, as well as Australian Shepherds. I must have spend 3 hours on the site, looking at pictures, and reading. The downside is that now I have such a hard time with my memories of Whisper. Our Bordercollie/Aussie mix. We rescued her from the pound and we had her for 6 weeks before she passed away because her heart was badly damaged from epilepsie. I think we did ok by her, sometimes wonder if we could have done more, but mostly, I just still miss her. It has been 19 years, come January. We didn't get any pictures of her, because I forgot to put film in my camera, but I remember her as if she's standing next to me. She had a very thin blaze, a full white collar, 4 white feet, and the tip of her tail was white. Her eyes were amber. And every day, without fail, after she had wolfed her food down, she would stand real close to my face and belch!  I always took it as a "thank you for a good meal" LOL.
I found a picture on the site, that sorta, kinda looks like her, so I thought it would be nice to make a page for her. I know it's not her, but the thought is there and at a quick look....
Let's just say that  it's nice to imagine it's her.

This page was hard to make, and a long time coming, and I think I needed to do this.
Some day my little one, we'll meet again, and we'll take those walks again.

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  1. Your pages are both wonderful! I know how hard the Rainbow Bridge page must have been for you to make. It's a wonderful poem... it really helped me when we lost our cat Gus. Whisper was a lucky dog to have you!